Sunrise / Sunset

Is something up with SUNRISE & SUNSET timers? Ever since DST change a week ago, my scripts have not been firing correctly.

For example, in the attached screenshot, my SUNRISE timer executed just now - at 7:40p… SUNSET.

Can you send a note to support with the Rule ID so I can take a closer look?

Sent as requested. Thank you!

…and that same rule just executed again now, at 8;30p. And several times - almost hourly at x:40 over night and then again several times in a row this morning.

Interestingly, my sunSET rule did NOT fire off as expected at all (around 7:30p) last night.

It sounds like the rule was failing and retrying with exponential backoff as expected (and eventually cancels the retries after too many failures).

From a quick look at the logs, you might have seen the error message for “IF Condition logic check failed” and if you view the details of that log entry, you would see something like:

IF condition logic check failed for: ‘Your Device Name’ presence; Forbidden (Check that the device still exists in the source platform)

As the error message indicates, this error most commonly happens when a device no longer exists in the source platform/hub (for example, it was removed and reonboarded) and usually the fix is to edit the condition to point to the updated device.

I just saw that in the Rule… it was a relic reference to a Life360 device; it has been edited - replaced with a different presence detector. Should this resolve the SUNRISE rule issue?

Curious that the SUNSET rule isn’t firing. It has no references to presence detectors.

Yes, I would expect it would.

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