Sunrise and Sunset Custom Tile Configuration Help

I have imported the Sunrise and Sunset Tile from the Developer Tools Page but I can’t get it to work.
I have inserted the longitude and latitude.
It comes up with this error message:
Sunrise Sunset
Any hints

Which custom tile did you import?

Since these are community developed custom tiles, there are typically instructions in the associated thread explaining how to set up the custom tile. And that thread is going to be the best place to post questions so you get relevant contextual help.

Are you perhaps referring to this bespoke custom tile:
Would like to show the next Sunrise and Sunset on my Dashboard - #2 by josh

If so, can you share more details about your configuration? Are you sure you have a valid, properly formatted latitude and longitude entered in the configuration of the tile on your dashboard? Considering that tile only has that one configuration setting, I would suspect that’s the most likely thing to pay close attention to.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, it is the custom tile in question.
In the meantime I have solved the problem.
It turns out that you must not have a space after the comma
in longitude and latitude. For example, not 56.15, 10.22, but 56.15,10.22

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Just for the record.
There is an error in line 34. Correct Sunrise to Sunset