Subscribing to Things and high battery use


I’ve managed to use the Tasker event plugin “Thing State”.
Everything works perfectly but I see the phone (a OnePlus 7 Pro with a custom ROM) stays awake the whole time, it does not go into deep sleep.
I did some tests to see if the battery drain comes from the tasks from Tasker itself or from SharpTools, and unfortunately the only thing needed for the drain to happen is to subscribe to Things ( a TP-Link light bulb and 2 plugs) inside the SharpTools app, even when the tasks from Tasker are disabled.

Any pointers on how I could solve the battery drain?

Thank you.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. What type of attributes are subscribed?

Can you also clarify how you’ve confirmed that your device is not going into a deep sleep and how the battery impact was measured?

Thank you.

The attribute is switch, so the total subscription count is 3.
And I measure deep sleep or awake state with Franco Kernel Manager.

Thanks for the confirmation. I wouldn’t expect switch attributes to send a large number of events nor have a noticeable impact on your battery.

Have you noticed an actual impact to your battery? My experience with battery monitoring tools is they are notoriously bad at attributing battery impact. Especially when there’s cross-app communication like is involved in this situation. (eg. Google Play Services which is responsible for receiving push events, Tasker which is responsible for communicating with SharpTools, etc)