Streaming Hikvision Camera's to Sharptools

I am streaming my Hikvision cameras to Sharp tools screens and was wondering if anyone else is doing the same. Don’t seem to be able to get more than 9 camera streams at once from one tablet. I could use a second tablet but looking to see if I’m simply missing something.

Im interest to know how you get even a single Hik cam to show on your dashboard? Mine are all dead since the chromium browser updates a few months back.

Chome or a Chrome based browser won’t work. I’m using Firefox.

Have you tried the format? The issue with Chromium 111 and newer seems to be restricted to just IP Addresses as the host name. So if you trick the browser into using a domain name which just points directly to the IP address, that gets things working.

It looks like your pulling an image not streaming. Is that correct ?

I’m streaming but using Firefox and Tinycam Pro as a server.

Most browsers have a limit on the total number of concurrent requests to a single host… I wonder if you could be running into that limit and using the trick for some of the addresses could help you get around it (as the browser would think it’s a different host)?

Have you consider an NVR that could consolidate the individual streams into one group stream? For example, this is a popular feature of Blue Iris that you can group multiple cameras into a single stream.

If you’re referring to my link, it was just a made up URL. The same thing works with /axis-cgi/stream.mpg or other formats supported by the browser. :slight_smile:

The browser limit might very well be my issue. I got around it by running a tablet and Andriod emulator on my of my PC’s each running 6 camera’s. I also have Blue Iris and a Hik NVR. I’m trying several different configurations to see which works best for me.

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One of the neat things about is you can prepend text to the beginning of the URL as an identifier for your own needs. I’m wondering if you might be able to use that to trick the browser into thinking some of the streams are from a different host

Again, this is just a completely arbitrary example demonstrating the concept I had in mind and showing how you can prepend a name to a domain and how it still ultimately routes to the same IP

I would still recommend considering grouping the streams as that could be much more efficient overall and would solve the per-host connection limit that browsers enforce. But perhaps efficiency isn’t a primary concern with this setup. :slight_smile:

I like the Thank you for that, I will play around with it. I believe I am grouping the streams now, just using Tinycam Pro to do it. I may end up back at blue iris. Since I use an NVR for my recording and playback I was thinking Blue Iris is a bit of overkill just to stream on my tablets.

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