Stop running rule?

Hi all,

With Webcore going away on Smartthings, I’m trying to duplicate some (simple?) rules over to Sharptools.

The one I’m struggling with is a Laundry Timer I have set up (I know there are better ways of automating this, with power readers, but it’s a button for now).
I have a Sonoff button set to PRESS- start a timer for X, then turn on a lightbulb and set it to Red. Basically put laundry in, press button, X time passes, living room light turns on and changes red to show us laundry is ‘finished’.

Seperate rule, same button when HELD, switches the light from red to Y colortemp (just to reset the light back to normal).

In webcore I could set it so when the button was HELD, to stop the 1st rule if it was running, and set the light to Y.
So if it was a shorter laundry cycle for example, and we wanted to abort the rule early, during the delay.

It works as I have it set up now in the 2 new rules, but I can’t work out how have the HELD work in the same way in Smarttools, and stop the first rule if it’s running.

It’s entirely possible I’ve set it up all wrong/difficult, because I’m fairly new to it all and very new to Smarttools thinking, but having fun tinkering and learning.

Any help is appreciated!

My thought is to use a variable that will determine the bulb action. As you pointed out, there is no way to kill a running rule. You’re correct, it’s just a matter of approach between the two tools.

Only half a cup of coffee so far, so this may be rough. Define a variable and use the button push or held to change it to ON or OFF in the first rule.

The 2nd rule triggers on the variable changing. If the variable changes to ON (button push), then it waits and turns the bulb red after a period of time. If the variable changes to OFF (button hold), then the ELSE kicks in a resets the bulb to white, or whatever else you want on the early termination.

Rule 1:
Button push sets $BeginLaundry to ON
Button held sets $BeginLaundry to OFF

Rule 2:
TRIGGER $BeginLaundry changes
IF $BeginLaundry changes to ON
Turn on bulb to Red
ELSE reset bulb color or whatever