ST needs a month view calendar

I really love ST for its flexibility and it’s sharp looks. However, other options have working calendar views that, doesn’t require i frames or click to visit solutions. That can blend into the general design and doesn’t look like an eyesore. It’s been a suggested feature for a long time now. That, can pull several icals into one list.

Please tell me there is a solution to this problem on the way?

Thanks for the posting, Christian! While SharpTools has a calendar integration with an agenda view that blends in with a seamless style, there is a feature request for a monthly view at the following link that you can cast a vote on (and comment to bump the thread):

Community feedback is a key part of what we work on and this particular request hasn’t seen a lot of votes. Perhaps you can also help contribute to the feature request thread by describing what use case a monthly calendar view solves that the calendar agenda view doesn’t.

I also was wanting expanded features on this for a few years. Since I use tablets on walls (Amz. Fires that were “wiped” and loaded with Google play as well as fully Kiosk browser), I use the application load feature in kiosk app with google calendar. I can not only see calendar like you would in google version, but I can add new cal events, merge calendars, and close back into dashboard or alternatively let fully kiosk refresh to start URL after so many minutes. Yes, more involved, but it is a workaround for android based controllers (plus you can expand and add more android apps to clickable dash tiles like intercoms, social apps, weather apps, media, etc.). To wit, I am not in the Apple ecosystem very deep, so can’t address any hurdles integrating its solutions (e.g. if you were using Ipads).

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Perhaps, a simple edit, add a “hyperlink” capability to the calendar tile title or somewhere else “clickable”.
In this way, you could launch a Google Calendar (edited in the Google Settings) in full month mode - or whatever mode you need…

I am actually considering this myself… I have a hyperlink to my “combined” Google Calendar which has feeds from several non-Google sources, but - looks great rendered on Google (minus the colors).
I intend to find a “non-obtrusive” way to add a tile to open this calendar on demand when Agenda view isn’t enough.