ST Modes Home Away Night

Hi Guys.

I have a ST Scene called Good Night. It’s very basic in that when it’s run it sets the ST mode to Night. If I run the scene and then check I can see my mode has changed from home to night.

I have then created a Sharp Tools rule to detect when the mode has been changed to Night and at the moment while I test just turn off a single light. It seems like Sharp Tools is not picking up the mode has changed.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Craig_McFarlane, have you checked the rule logs if the rule was triggered or not? I’d be happy to take a look of your rule if you can take a screenshot of the rule and post it here.

Both rule logs and screenshot features can be found from the ... menu at top right when editing the rule.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I have recreated them and they seem to be working now. The only difference was the rule name, I had an _ for example _Good Morning

This was mainly to keep the rule at the top. Would the _ be an issue in the rule name?

Thanks for the update and glad to hear it’s working for you. The rule name doesn’t matter. But when a rule is created, it can take a 1-2 seconds to setup the event subscriptions in the backend system ( and therefore you see the syncing animation next to the rule). So if the mode was changed during the short period right after the rule was created, the rule might not be triggered.

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Thanks. It was a good 30 minutes after creating it to then trying it. Not sure why the original didn’t work but recreating it seems to have done the trick. Appreciate the reply back.