ST Home Monitor Alert

Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before - I took a look and couldn’t find a specific answer.

Being new to sharp tools, (joined for this requirement). I am looking to have a different alert/notification sound specifically for a ST intrusion or leak alert. Currently ST just bundles all alerts under the same group so in my instance this is a pretty low level/discreet alert. Obviously an alert such as intrusion or leak is generally pretty urgent, so I want as a minimum a different sound. Does anyone know if a rule has already been created for this - looking at the rule engine it doesn’t look obvious. Within smart things you can’t seem to trigger an automation based on the alert, just the security mode status (Armed/Night etc). Historically a work around was to have a text alert for intrusion then assign that ‘contact’ a different ring tone - that option is no longer available (and was clunky anyway). Some people have used Tasker - but after looking at that briefly it blew my mind a bit (unless anyone can point me to a step by step?). I started looking into virtual switches etc - but it is unclear what is happening to them post edge migration so I didn’t invest any time into that to see if it even works. Any hints/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.