SSL Error with Media URL

So I am using weather from Google ( )
and it works fine on the PC, but when I click save and transfer it to my Huawei tablets, all of a sudden, it startet saying : SSL error when loading

It have worked fine for several months, both when I was a ST user, and also now when using Homey… what am I missing, Best regards Jim Denmark

Are you using it as a Media Tile?

From a quick look at the URL you provided, I don’t see anything wrong with their SSL certs. Looks like they are using Lets Encrypt which is a popular free SSL service.

Since it’s only happening on your Huawei tablets, I suspect it’s something unique about those tablets or the browser they are using. What browser are you using on the Huawei tablets? Perhaps you could try a different browser and see if that helps.

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Hi Josh .
As always, thanks for your quick response…
I am using Fully kiosk Browser… and the problem startet for about 3 weeks ago…
I will try to see if I can find an other Tablet. :+1::+1:

You could even just try a different browser like Google Chrome on the same tablet.

You might also check if there were any app or system updates on the tablet in the past ~3 weeks just to rule that out.

Those Lets Encrypt SSL certificates are only valid for ~90 days which means they are updated about that often. It’s possible that your browser is improperly hanging onto the old SSL cert that’s not valid anymore for some reason. That would be a better question for the Fully Kiosk team though.

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Hi Josh
just to let you know, I could not get it to work… BUT I found the way to use your custom Open Weather Guide, and set to my Location… THX for the great work, an well done Guide :O)

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