Spotify Android Intent App Switch Bug?

Hello all. I’ve had quite a time getting the intent: to work from Fully Kiosk browser (PLUS) on Android (latest software for Android 13 and Fully Kiosk).

I have created the intent urls per your guide on other postings. Then I create hyperlink tiles and choose the resources.

Great, all tiles (in my case Netflix and Spotify) work well and open the right apps.

But when I customize the Icon and/or the Label (change to Spotify, with Spotify icon for example) the link to Spotify (or Netflix if I went that route) no longer works in Fully Kiosk. I get the “Webpage not available” and net:ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME errors.

Interestingly, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time. I got Netflix to work after a second try. But Spotify is still not working. Will try again from the card creation step.

Is there anything I could do to capture what’s going on, or does anybody have any ideas?



P.S. This is my Spotify intent:


I’ve tested out some more things.

New card → Spotify Intent URL resource → save → edit card → check Label, Icon, Style → Change to Spotify, icon to the Spotify Icon, Style pick color → leave all else = all good.

If I switch the hyperlink card to “Open in Modal” then this issue appears and I get the unrecognized url scheme error.

But if I switch back to “Open in Same Window” then it stays broken.

What happens?

Right, you can NOT use an App Intent in a modal.

And you must enable the appropriate settings in Fully Kiosk for it to work with Open in Same Window or Open in New Window.

At a minimum, you need the URL Schemes setting enabled for Same Window:

And you need Enable Popups for New Window:

Fully Settings can get pretty complex, so if you’ve tinkered with them quite a bit, I would try resetting and then only modifying the minimal needed changes.

I would also make sure the setting on the Hyperlink Tile was saved back to Open in Same Window as you expected. You should not see a modal.

Understood about the complexity :). And thanks for your feedback.

Yep, found all those other settings to work ok in the other posts, this just seems specific to setting to Modal and then trying to unset it…back to Same Window.

RE: What happens when I switch back from Model to Same Window it saves in but it “stays broken” in Fully Kiosk…meaning that the only way I can make it work again is to delete it from and recreate in Same Window. If I just change from Model to Same Window, Fully still complains with the unrecognized url scheme error / webpage won’t open, etc.

If I am understanding you correctly, I’m not able to reproduce.

This is on Fully 1.52-play on Android 13 (Pixel 7)

You might also consider just using the URL spotify:// as it’s more likely to work across all browsers, including Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS (though it still should be set to Open in Same Window).

Aha ok I’ll try that.

No worries on not being able to reproduce. It’s an easy work around if it ever does happen again. I’ll let you know if I come across it and if I have any more insight.



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