Sports ball score tile?

I tried a search but couldn’t find anything relevant, so if anyone has anything or can link to something here, I’d be grateful!

What I’m looking for is a tile that can display scores from one or multiple teams, in one or multiple sports. Let’s say baseball as a starting point. Anyone have anything set up, or any suggestions on how this could be done?

Is there an RSS feed you could use? I was playing with the news feeds after seeing the example here Best option for weather with Habitat and it works well if you have a good source.

I found the site when searching for options - I wonder if it could be used somehow?

I’ll see what I can find :+1:t2:

@Dev_SS put together a pretty neat sports ticker which you can find some discussion on in this thread:

We have a new Custom Tiles feature in developer preview and this would make for a really cool use case:


Josh, thank you for linking.

Yes absolutely, I looked into this a lot. Short answer, yes you can using ESPNs APIs and writing some quick JS. I have it on my ToDo list to try this with the new custom tiles but have not gotten around to it.

I have not pulled MLB info, but so far I have successfully been able to pull live game information for NFL, NCAAB, Tennis (grand slams) and international soccer. If you understand JSON and JS, this will be a breeze, if not it will take a bit of work, but nothing super challenging.

This forum here is a great resource to link you directly to the API sites that you can pull the live JSON data from.

Hope this helps!