Speaker/Music Player Tiles are missing volume control

Hi guys. I have many Echos integrated into SmartThings for playing music in separate rooms and one thing I’ve noticed when added an Echo as a thing to my dashboard is the glaring omission of volume control. Volume adjustment is available in the SmartThings App.
Is there any way to add this control? It’s kind of a deal breaker for my panels. Thanks.

UPDATE. I just discovered this might be a Beta bug. I went to my released dashboard and the Details “button” works there.

When you tap “Details” within the echo player tile in Beta site, did you get any error in the page or the browser’s developer tool (press F12)?

Curious what was the cause since I couldn’t reproduce the issue in beta when tapping on Details.

No error messages. There was just no Details pop up.

I’ve since gone back to the panel and now the details button is working. Strange. I’ll report if it happens again.

This was on an iPad Pro using Safari.

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