Spacer tiles just got added everywhere

Hi- For some reason, my spacer tiles were added everywhere so now my dashboard on android device shows tiles stacked vertically and when viewed on a 27" monitor there are 3-4 spacer tiles in between each tile. Is there an easy way to delete all spacer tiles easily? And if someone can offer an explanation why this happened so I can prevent it from happening again?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot?

And can you share some details about how the dashboard was being edited when the spacer tiles were added? (Eg. Was it directly on the device in question or on another device? If a different device, was it setup to approximate the size of the target device?)

It happened while editing my dashboard from my android device. Here is a snapshot from my desktop.

I have been editing from both devices- and looked fine on both devices until this happened. Not sure how to setup to appoximate the size of the target device.

Wow, I’m not sure how that happened. My apologies the inconvenience. I’ll send you a PM with another approach that could be taken.

In the meantime, the steps from the following post might be helpful for simulating a device screen while editing from a computer:

:link: How To: Designing Dashboards for a Tablet from a Laptop / PC - #2 by josh

PS. If you figure out how to reproduce the issue, I would be very interested in knowing more.

When I try to delete the spacer tiles by editing the dashboard and clicking the 3 dots to remove each spacer, it adds them right back when I click save. Not sure what is causing this behavior but something changed because i’ve been editing this dashboard for days now without seeing this. The only thing I did was add a background image and pretty sure i saw this issue shortly after that.

If blank space remains when you hit save, the dashboard will automatically inject Spacer tiles to fill in the blank space.