Sorting tiles alphabetically

I have many lights. How can I automatically sort tiles alphabetically within a given dashboard? Can this be added as an enhancement? Would anyone else like to see this?


Yes please, I would too!

I have a dashboard showing all my battery powered devices (currently about 60!), so I can quickly view their levels. I like to keep them in alphabetical order, so occasionally when I add a new device tile, it’s a pain to have to maneuver it up into the desired spot on the dashboard. The tile moving process reminds me of…


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I would like this feature too! That is, as long as it’s an optional sort for a specific dashboard. I would of course not like to always have things alphabetical.

@josh Any chance this feature request has made it to the to-do list? Every time I add a new lighting device, I have to manually re-arrange all the tiles, so this comes to mind often for me :slight_smile:

I just moved this topic into the Feature Requests category so it can be voted on. Make sure to scroll up to the top of the post to cast a vote. :slight_smile:

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