Sony Tv Bravia controls in ST

Hey guys.
I just added my Sony tv to SmartThings.

What can I customize in ST. Love to be able to do some customization for when guest or in-laws are here.

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I’ve seen some people use tablets as dedicated TV remotes. Once we add the ability to trigger rules from dashboards, it would be cool to be able to start an activity on the TV with a dedicated TV remote dashboard.

That being said, I personally tend to prefer physical buttons for the actual interaction with my TV once an activity is started.

It might be cool to be able to have an event on another device trigger something on the TV in a rule. For example, if motion was detected near a camera, show the camera on the screen. (I’ve seen some stuff like this with Android TV boxes and TinyCam)


Yea. Not looking for you to be my remote.

Just to have access to some of those commands that are already in SmartThings would be awesome. No idea the level of effort. Just thought about it and brought it up. :slight_smile:

You mean you want to be able to pick from the full list of commands for a device on a dashboard?

I’ve been thinking about adding action override for other tile types, so perhaps the same concept could apply to device tiles.

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Yea. Ex. One of my thoughts was having Netflix button on SharpTools. With that it would automatically change HDMI etc and pull up Netflix.

But having a full list of commands for most devices would be awesome! Thank you

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So Ive done this using a harmony hub, but you need to setup the Harmony API on either a Qnap or RPi.

Harmony by default will create the activity though In ST. You then just add the button to SharpTools. I initially wanted this to make a complete universal remote that would control TV, Amplifier, FireTV, Cable Box. It does actually work, but there is pretty bad lag between input on the Tablet to the actual command being received (± 2 to 5 seconds) which made it essentially impossible to use for browsing.

Instead I made shortcuts to essential a TV mode for Cable box, Mode for FireTV and volume controls for the amp along with shortcuts to switch from the various HDMI inputs on TV/Amp.

If you are running a decently spec’ed tab (Fire10/ipad) you can also use a URL shorcut to launch the apps on the tablet which I found was a better solution (Netflix, Plex, FireTV Remote, Harmony, Spotify, Amp remote).

That way I can start basically whatever Im looking for and then just control the inputs or volume on the tab - very useful for spotify where you just want to adjust the volume.

Let me know if you want me to post the setup instructions here.


Thanks Gilbert.
I’m not too interested in anything complicated. I would like to have a button or 2 on ShT but the more I think about it. Volume will be controlled via sound bar and channels via cable etc.

I have an android tv that I can use this ST intergration to do some neat things maybe.

I know I’m finding success when the wife just :roll_eyes: at me. I’ll keep playing and having fun. I’ve not started messing with rpi. I imagine that will come but right now I’m still building my smart home one :roll_eyes: at a time.
Thank You!