Sonos Support with Hubitat

I am trying to add a media tile to control my Sonos but when I go to add the thing nothing happens, a tile is not added. Should this work Hubitat and Sonos?

Nothing happens at all? Like you click on your Sonos device in the list and no tile shows up at all? If so, that’s definitely not the expected result - my apologies for the inconvenience!

We have a Sonos in the office, so I just connected it to Hubitat and will test things out.

Edit: I am able to reproduce and I am looking into it now. :smiley:

Edit2: I found the issue. The trackData parameter is formatted differently on Hubitat. It’s formatted as an actual JSON object rather than a JSON string. I’ve fixed it in my local development instance and will include it in the next deployment.



Hi. Can the Details line be filtered down possibly? Maybe a configurable setting? I’d prefer to see “Playing: Song name by Artist Name”. Don’t need the other details. Just a thought.


Thanks for all you do! :slight_smile:

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I’ll double check, but I’m pretty sure that was one of the few pieces of data that was consistently reported for all Music Player devices. (The field being displayed is just a single field that has all that data in it as formatted by Hubitat or SmartThings)

There is a trackData field that’s encoded and in the case of Sonos on Hubitat seems to have the peices of data individually available (eg. Artist, Track Name, Album Name), but it doesn’t seem to be consistently reported between various device types. I also vaguely recall this field not always being up to date on Hubitat with Sonos.

Maybe there’s something we can optionally do with that trackData to achieve what you are looking for. :thinking::grin: