Sonos - smaller volumeUp/down steps rule optimization

Hi, per default using the Sonos volumeUp and volumeDown event bothers my picky brain, that think the volume increase/decrease is too much, so I written this bit clumsy rule that only increases it by 2% instead of 5% or whatever the volumeUp/Down does.

I’ve also tried to find out if volumeUp (or groupVolumeUp) actually takes a step amount parameter, which would be quite much easier, but couldn’t find any documentation, and my experiments seemed to fail if trying out what seemed most logical.

Anyway the following rule works, but maybe some rule wizards can optimize it a bit? as I have many speakers and having this rule for both volume up and down for all my speaker groups is a bit much (and creating all the required variables etc.)

Note the: volumeDown then uses max([$volumeSonosStudy-2,1]) instead of min([$volumeSonosStudy+2,100])

Is there anychance you are using Hubitat for your sonos integration?

If so, there is an option in preferences that lets you program a default increase or decrease in volume. Seems like you have a solution, but this might be easier for those without programming experience.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’m using SmartThings, that are not that smart :slight_smile: But adds to the pile of arguments my brain is gathering, if switching from SmartThings to something else would make sense.

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