Sonos - Play a grouped speakers?


Thank you so much for this community. I had really helped me out.
I created a dashboard for Sonos, where i created a playlist tile, and the rule behind the tile, is that i have to play the preset of it, on each individual speaker. My problem is, that i start the playlist individually on each speaker, and not as a group, which means it is not synced.

Are there any way to overcome this?`


Which smart home hub do you have your Sonos connected through?

My sonos is connected to Samsung Smartthings :slight_smile:

Are you able to help out? :slight_smile:

Hi @Andreas_Udby_Anderse I may need to get another Sonos speaker to test with, but I thought you would need to group the speakers in Sonos app, and then add the “group” to SmartThings as one single device? So the rule would control this “group” instead of individual speaker.

From what I recall, groups in Sonos are more ephemeral in nature (eg. they can be created and destroyed on the fly and don’t exist once the speakers have been ungrouped)… so I don’t think groups get treated as devices in the SmartThings ecosystem.

From a quick search, it sounds like you can’t modify groups from within the SmartThings ecosystem, but if you play music to a speaker that is already part of a group, it will play for the whole group.

Edit: Looks like some community members use a project called Jishi Node Sonos for controlling grouping. It’s a bit more of a technical setup though.

That being said, I’ll leave it to other community members who actively use Sonos groups to comment… otherwise you might try posting in the SmartThings community.