Sonos Group Control - Music Player Tile

So I added an additional Sonos Speaker to my Hubitat Setup and grouped it in the Sonos App. So when I stream a particular station it plays to both speakers. Works great…However when I adjust the volume of one of the group speakers in SharpTools is only effects the single speaker and not the group (as I was hoping). Is there anyway to assign the group to the music player or is this more than SharpTools can handle?

It’s really more a question of what features the device driver / connected platform exposes and how it exposes it.

Can you control the Sonos group volume directly from one of the device pages in the Hubitat admin UI?

Yup…seems to be a common issue with Sonos groups as I’ve been researching. If anyone has any suggestions I’m open to hearing them. Thanks Josh!

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Saw other posts on Sonos. Your tile works great! Any chance to add volume control in the tile without having to click details? I run a dashboard on 1 monitor at my desk and it would be cool to adjust the volume without opening up the details. Much like the thermostat settings


Agreed 100%! How cool would this look on a 3x1 tile!



Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been tossing around the idea of having a set of range / slider / level tiles that you could use for adjusting volumes, dim levels, etc. Then you could pair up a 1x1 range tile with a 2x1 music player tile (or whatever sizes you wanted).

I’m open to including volume level adjustment on the music player tile itself… just trying to balance how cluttered a tile is by default and what’s made optional via the tile configuration or other approaches. :grinning:


Love this…To be honest I have a hell of a time adjusting the volume with the current setup. Don’t know if it’s my fat fingers, the tablet, or the interface. Perhaps a combination, whatever it is, it just doesn’t slide very easy for me. The ability to tap arrows would work better as I typically only make slight adjustments to the sound.

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That would be perfect. Or even a slider underneath and make it a 2x2 tile

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Cool! I’m back. How’s this particular idea coming along? I’ve been working on getting everything ported over…
Got my pool controller installed and working today, hoping those pool equipment icons I made can get the thumbs up and make their way into the system. :slight_smile:

I also installed Cast-Web in Hubitat, since I already had a server running the API from ST. That way, the Chromecast devices I use will work as music players in Sharptools. Success! But I definitely miss the volume control on the tiles/dashboard. See below:

Notice how much space is wasted on my music player tiles…would love to have a volume slider or buttons or something like that where I could devote space on the dashboardto quick volume adjustment. Thing is, I want these tiles to be big for the purpose of displaying the artist/song title info, and also because control is a primary use of this particular dashboard (on a Fire 7). Currently, the “details” link at the bottom blends into the track info (see the pic), and it’s unintuitive to click it to get to a volume adjustment.

Would love a slider control that I could dedicate to this as a separate tile, or as an option to build into the music player tile (possibly to turn off and on, like how you can show or hide day and date on time tiles, or how there are single or double layout options for thermostats…)

Thanks so much for this community and for the AMAZING work you do! Look forward to seeing all the development both on your end and mine!


Thanks for the feedback, Ricky! Community feedback is one of the drivers for how we prioritize what we work on.

The volume control tile is on the short list. I just took a look and it’s not included in the current development sprint, but it is nearing the top of the feature request list. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a closer look at them this week. Thanks again for sharing! :+1:

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Another input regarding music player…

I suggest you change the Details link to a gear icon (or something) to save space. Perhaps even move it top left/right to get even more space for the song name? Splendid drawing below =)



Thanks for the feedback, Tomas! We reserve the top-right corner of tiles for the ... tile menu that appears when you are in edit mode. Our default tile layout is to have extra actions in the bottom-left corner and attributes in the bottom-right corner.

I can see how this gets to be a bit cluttered with smaller tiles and longer track descriptions though.

Also keep in mind that the Hero Attribute tile can be used to display attributes from connected devices as well. For example, in the following screenshot, the second tile is showing the Track Description as the primary attribute.


I’m wondering if perhaps we need an option to hide the track description from the Music Player in the case that you wanted to have a separate larger tile showing the track information? :thinking:

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An option to hide it and use another tile for info would perhaps be a good sollution

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+1 to have Details changed to an icon. Text links are non-intuitive on tiles, IMO. I would love this to be a universal option on all tiles that could have the option to open a dashboard instead of a predefined details panel.

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+2 on gear. I don’t have an issue with details but think the gear would look cleaner somewhere on the tile!


Hi Ricky! I noticed your dashboard has a music player control for “All Home Speakers”, were you able to achieve grouping sonos speakers? and if so, is it doable with SmartThings as I believe you mentioned that you use Hubitat

Hey, @Albert,

So, actually, I use all Googlecast speakers. Google Homes, Chromecast Audios, speakers with cast built in, etc. --I moved to this from Sonos a couple years back because it was much more flexible for me. Unfortunately, I made the move away from Sonos JUST before I got into home automation, so I have zero Sonos experience with Hubitat or ST. I will say, though, I was on ST before Hubitat for a good while, and it always seemed like I was running into things where Sonos users had it easier to do things I want to do with home automation. --For instance, I have to run a server that watches my googlecast devices and keeps their status updated in order for me to run some of these things. --And there’s no way to skip tracks directly through my integrations–I have to do it with the Spotify app or Pandora, etc. --Whereas the integrations with Sonos have these functions built-in.

I wish I could help you with that issue, but good luck! I’m sure there’s a way. :slight_smile:


Ah ok. Pretty new to all of this, but In the little time I’ve researched everything, I’ve got just about everything figured out for what I want to accomplish for my screens, except Sonos grouping.

Anyways, thank you for your reply!!