Sonos functionality


Is it possible now (or maybe in the future) to tap on the sonos ST icon and have the actual Sonos app come up? From what I can see, the Sharptools Sonos functionality (Hubitat sonos setup) is great for skipping tracks, play, pause. I would love to be able to search for music, etc. on from the Sharptools starting page.

Thank you!

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You can use a Hyperlink tile to open apps on your device.

On Android / Fire Tablet devices, it would be a Hyperlink with a URL of:


On iOS, I believe the URL is:


Thanks Josh. Sorry I didn’t find this article on my own. Works Great!!

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Hey you may have explained this already, but when I open the Sonos app as a hyperlink in model on my kindle fire 8 it opens the app but not in model. It goes to the app and I can’t get back to,y dashboard. If I hit the back button I get an error about bad hyperlink and have to click close link.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, Chris!

Opening an app via Hyperlink will open the app fullscreen. Mobile browsers don’t support opening apps within a Modal, so you’ll need to either use the Open in Same Window or Open in New Window option.

If you use one of those options, you should be able to hit the back button and have it take you back to your dashboard automatically. (Some people also choose to automate this so your tablet automatically goes back to your dashboard X seconds after opening your desired app)

Thanks josh! So happy to be using this!

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Sorry for the novice question, but is there something additional I need to include to open the new Sonos App? The first link below is the old URL I used for the old Sonos app. Below that is the link i tried to update, but it isnt working.


Is this on a device running Fully Kiosk Browser?

I just installed the new Sonos app and it looks like you might have to use the full path for the component as the ‘new’ app still seems to use component paths based on the old app’s naming:

The full intent URL (for Fully Kiosk Browser) would be:


It looks like the simpler sonos:// URL still works too. I had both Sonos apps installed and it prompted me which one I wanted to open. So it looks like you could probably pick which app you wanted to use and choose to Always use it or could delete the old Sonos app and it looks like the new version works with that short URL. :slight_smile: