Sonos Beam: Play mp3

Greetings. Coming from Indigo Home Automation, it had a wonderful way to integrate TTS using Amazon Polly which offers some very high quality realistic sounding voices. I used this feature to provide nice sounding notifications on my Sonos Beam.

Sadly, the capability is not nearly as elaborate here. So after some reading in the forum, I see that I should be able to issue a PlayTrack command in a SharpTools rule to play an MP3 (which I can download from Polly).

So I have the MP3 created and hosted on box (different than dropbox). I created the rule , triggered by a variable change (just so I can easily trigger it during testing…ultimately, it will be on a schedule). When I update the variable, the rule fires, at least it does, according to the logs, but I hear nothing from my Sonos. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s what I’ve done to try to rule out some issues:

  • I have tried pasting the URL of the MP3 file into a browser to be sure it plays…it does.
  • I have tried changing the location from box to Google Drive to see if box is the issue. No change.
  • I have added the volume attribute to the rule to ensure it’s not that it is playing, but just too low to hear
  • I have tried firing the rule during a song playing on Sonos…it does seem to put a brief silence in the song play as if it tries to play something but can’t
  • I have checked the logs and it seems to be successfully firing according to the log.

Here’s my rule:

The URL of the file I’ve hosted on box is this:

The URL of the file hosted in Google is this:

which I’ve reformatted to this based on what I’ve read in the forums:

Here’s my log:

UPDATE: I figured I’d test using another sound file in dropbox referenced in another post. So I scraped that mp3 file URL from the post and put that in my PlayTrack attribute and it worked. This tells me there is an issue with both box and google drive syntax. Rather than try to determine why, I just put my sound file on dropbox and it’s working.

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