Sonos announcements

Good evening.

Is there a way to make a Sonos speaker play an announcement via rules ?

I can do it from smartthings and there’s a text to speech engine built in so the sonoacan announce events (ie: front door open).

Anyway to do the same from sharptools rules ?


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Hi @Mik, unfortunately, the TTS (Text-to-Speech) feature is not available on the Sonos speakers any more after the Sonos integration update late last year. So any 3rd party integration will not be able to send text for Sonos to announce except the SmartThings app at this point. The workaround from SmartThings community is to host the audio mp3 file somewhere and have Sonos to play it as the announcement.

I’d also encourage you to send your feedback to SmartThings to open the TTS feature again, so your voice can be heard. :grinning:

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