Something amiss with Hubitat App this AM

Something gone weird this morning with SharpTools or the Hubitat SharpTools app. After reading a post on the Hubitat community I edited two dashboards and deleted a single motion detector, replacing it with a blank tile. I then opened the Hubitat SharpTools app and deselected that single motion detector in teh authorisations.

On my dashboards a number of other unconnected devices have been deauthorised and replaced with placeholders - a virtual switch, a curtain module and two other devices. Hoping that if I re authorise them, they’ll automatically repopulate in the position of the placeholders.

Edit: I checked the app and they were still authorised, I deselected and reselected them and clicked next but it just gives a blank white screen. This is on Hubitat (beta - yet to update to .121 release). The devices have reappeared - strange.

It sounds like something with the device sync went wrong. Usually the best course of action is to proceed through the authorization again starting from your User Page → Manage Connections.

When this happens, it can be indicative of potential slowdowns on the hub. Usually these are fixed by rebooting the hub, wait several minutes for things to calm down, then reauthorize starting from your user page as noted above.

I’m updating from to now to test. As you may be alluding to, it’s possible that it’s something in the beta… though it’s also possible that it’s a symptom of broader hub performance issues.

Edit: I was able to tap next through the app configuration in the Hub admin UI without seeing a blank white screen. I would be curious if you’re still seeing these symptoms after updating to the newest hub software and after a fresh reboot.

Just some glitch with the hub app I think - hub itself has been running fine, no slowdowns with anything. I monitor hub free memory on the dashboard and that’s stable at at around 334,000KB . Exiting out of the app and going back in I managed click through without issue (as said the devices were still showing authorised). On each dashboard I just dragged to refresh the screen and all the missing devices repopulated. All good.

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