Socket Connection Timeout error

Hi my friends!. I hope everyone is getting fun with their home automations…
From a couple of month to now my Fire 10 tablet with Fully Kiosk (FKB) has been displayed this randomly but constantly message…“Socket connection timeout”. Maybe 5-10 times on each 5 minutes, sometimes repeatedly 5-10 times one time after another, then nothing by 10-20 minutes and then again.
Dashboards works sharp…nothing failed, only the displayed message, what does it mean ?
I thought at the beginning that could be something about Fire Tablet-FKB and then I deleted FKB and re installed it, 2-3 days clean but the message appeared again. Is something about Sharptools, anyone with the same issue here?

That looks like a native Android app’s ‘toast’ message based on the screenshot.

Do you have any other apps installed on that Fire tablet? Is it running the stock Fire OS with just Fully Kiosk installed? Or have you side loaded any other apps or customizations?

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I get this running Fully on an Echo Show 15. Same experience - it only appears momentarily and does not seem to affect functionality. I just ignore it.

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Is it this exact same message with the same style?

Since you’re part of the beta, we have been piloting a socket connection and there’s a similar message of ‘Socket disconnected’ but it’s using our own toast message. The toast message from an Android app and our toast messages look similar, but there are some distinct characteristics.

Usually, an android toast will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and centered and often has a very slight transparency to it. Our app toast messages are in different positions based on the device. Large screen devices like the Echo Show 15 would show the toast in the top right corner and it’s a slightly darker toast with no transparency.

It’s the same. It’s bottom center on my Show 15.


Hi Josh…thanks for your kindly response.
Only Full Kiosk and Sharptools dashboard is running, the tablet is 100% dedicated to dashboards for home automation. No customizations at all. Maybe there are a couple of apps installed but never open.

I get this too. Sometimes there’s 2 and the second one has a yellow reload button.

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That’s different. You should only see that if you are part of the beta and there were significant changes to how the beta socket message is displayed within the past week so it shouldn’t be mistaken with this Android App one that isn’t directly related to SharpTools.

Here’s what the SharpTools socket message looks like now.

And the Background Worker message with the reload button shouldn’t come up anymore as we made a bunch of refinements to how the healthcheck for that works in the beta.

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