SMS not going to Samsung S21+

I have some rules that send SMS messages about the status of my garage door that used to work but stopped working many months ago. I just didn’t follow up at the time. I am using Hubitat. I checked the sensor on the door and it is working fine. The SharpTools app in Hubitat includes the garage door sensor device. SharpTools is getting information from other devices like temperature sensors OK. Everything seems like it should work but my phone gets no SMS. What number does the SMS come from? Maybe that number got blocked somehow. Any other suggestions?

What do your rule logs say? Do they show that the SMS is being sent?

That’s possible. Carriers have become overly aggressive with filtering and blocking SMS delivery over the recent years. To the point where we’re considering sunsetting the SMS feature altogether – especially when there are better alternatives like push notifications that leave you in control of whether messages get filtered or not.

Thank you for the prompt response as always!
Remind me how to find the SharpTool rule logs.

Is that Pushbullet or Pushover?

Both are popular. Pushover is cross platform. Pushbullet is primarily Android / Chrome.

The SharpTools logs do not show an SMS sent or even that the garage door device reported to SharpTools. I see this in the Hubitat log when I open or close the garage door. The temperature sensors are getting to SharpTools just fine. Thank you so much for your help!

What do the SharpTools Rule logs show? And what does your rule look like?

@Harold_Gaskill you may want to edit your pictures to redact your phone number

Thanks for sharing the screenshots.

I’ve redacted the images as a courtesy.

Note that using the Rule Screenshot feature will redact the ‘to’ phone number or email within notification actions for you automatically. It also streamlines the screenshot into a nicely condensed format. :slight_smile:

Can you think of anything that changed those many months ago? For example, have you performed any hub migrations or re-onboarded devices on your hub?

As a first troubleshooting step, you could try adding the Cliff Garage Door device to your dashboard to confirm if you can see the states changing.

You could also try disabling and then re-enabling the rule as that tries to setup the event subscriptions again if they are missing.

Thank you so much!
I did upgrade to the C8 hub.
I will delete everything related to this task and start over.

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All working!

Whatever it was it’s working now.

Thanks again!

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Slick! I had not noticed that before.

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Update on SMS out of SharpTools

Is there an update on sending SMS out of SharpTools?



If you are implying that you have a rule sending SMS and the rule logs show the rule running fine and sending the SMS, but you aren’t receiving it then it’s most likely carrier filtering.