SMS for UK users?

Just got myself an Apple Watch with cellular and would love this option. I see the sms notifications tab within sharp tools but alas, doesn’t work in the UK.
Any reason for this and can we expect this.
FYI, I’m a premium user.


Hi @John_Johnston - thanks for posting! You can use Twilio to send SMS messages in the UK.

We don’t have any plans to include an international SMS allotment with the existing premium tier. It’s just too expensive to include at the low prices we charge. As noted in the example in the linked article, each SMS message to a UK number is just over $0.04 USD so just 100 messages would put the costs well over the price of a premium subscription.

Rather than increase our premium fees or charge an extra fee for an allotment of messages, we created a direct connection to Twilio where you can get the wholesale SMS rates directly without any added fees or overhead.

Thanks for the info mate.
That’s disappointing though. I’d much rather pay a little extra for Sharptools premium that up yet another service to get this. Shame that US and Canada get this feature and we don’t.
Oh well. :frowning:
Thanks for the info though.