SMS and precense sensing not working

My SMS notifications stopped working 2 days ago. has this happened to anyone else. also, I think at the same time. My presence is now always shown as home, but it used to show me away. any ideas?

What do your rule logs say for the SMS messages? Do they show them as sent?

Some carriers are more aggressive than others at SMS filtering. That’s why I generally would recommend they push notification like Pushover.

As for presence, is it also stagnant within your smart home hub?

Thanks. I should have checked the logs first. It says “SMS message was not sent. SMS monthly rate limit exceeded.” is that a limit from sharptools? I dont think my cell phone has a limit. I will also look into pushover.

I will look into if my hub shows me present or away. I need to figure out how to do that.

Yes. If you’re sending over 1000 messages / month, push notifications are probably better suited.

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It looks like my texts are working again. I am not sure if my account renewed or if you reset it. I am going to change it so i get much less texts, and try pushover. I had it setup to receive a lot of texts for one of rules just while I was testing. Thanks for your help as always.

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update… my presence detection is now working again. I didn’t make any changes so I guess it was just some glitch or disconnect somewhere that came back online. happy about that. so this is great. SMS working fine, my presence sensing is working, and my blinds batteries our working. Love it. Thanks Josh.