Smartthings Weather Station

Does the Weather Station from Smartthings not work on the dashboards anymore. I reauthorized my hub and now I get a N/A in the Weather Station tile.

If you’re referring to the old Groovy based “SmartThings Weather Station”, SmartThings sunset it alongside the Groovy shutdown.

Check out this help article on weather sources:

That’s a bummer. I really liked the size and aesthetics of the tile. This one is huge. Can I make it smaller without affecting the information displayed?

If you are referring to the Open Weather Custom Tile, all the font sizes and content scale up and down based on the tile size.

What if you had an option to make the Open Weather custom tile look more like the traditional weather tile layout? It’s not a perfect 1:1 recreation, but I suspect it’s close enough. :slight_smile:

I like that much better than what I made. That fits more like the Weather Station tile that I was using before and goes with my scheme. Thank you.

I should have it included in the next Open Weather custom tile release. :slight_smile:

Just working on polishing up a few final things on it.

Hey @Don_Seibert - I pushed the updated Open Weather tile with the new layouts. You can find more details in the related thread:

:link: Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast - #94 by josh

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