SmartThings weather station stop sending updates

Hello Everyone, I’m being using Sharptools for couple months now and I’m very happy with the solution! Great job! :smile:

So, back to my question… Until a few days ago the SmartThings Weather station was providing the current temperature and some other information that was very useful… I got configured the widget from but its not showing the current state… just the forecast.

Any other recommendations? Thanks!

Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying things and thanks for posting!

Is the device status updating in SmartThings? I’ve seen some threads in the SmartThings community where the SmartWeather Station Tile will quit updating. I haven’t personally run into it, but I’ve seen the following things suggested:

  • Open the device and save the preferences to get it to reschedule its updates:

    • Open the SmartWeather Station Tile device in the mobile app, open the device preferences, and save
    • Open the SmartWeather Station Tile device in the SmartThings IDE and save the preferences
  • Use an external rule/app to periodically refresh the device data:

Thanks Josh,

I did that already… and the refresh date seems okay… but the data isn’t working anymore… so probably need to get something different…

I’m attaching the screenshot

Thanks for the details. So the lastUpdate field seems to be getting an updated timestamp, but the other attributes (like temperature or humidity) seem stale?

Or the data is correctly updating in SmartThings, but not in SharpTools?

The only thing that is being updated is the lastupdate setting… So probably Smartthings is not longer updating that information or was getting the data from a source no longer available (Dark skies?) So that’s my question if there is another service that could get the current weather for ST :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh!

Most of the community developer SmartThings Weather device handlers rely on the same underlying data for weather (via internal SmartThings APIs). Have you tried deleting the SmartWeather Station Tile device and recreating it to see if it resolves the problem?

The other thing you might try is to make sure you have a zip code entered in the Preferences for the device. I see that the city from your screenshot is in Mexico - I’m not sure how SmartThings handles various global zip codes, but I’ve seen other people having to enter their latitude,longitude to get it to work in the UK.

You might also watch the SmartThings IDE Live Logs while you change the zip or manually issue a refresh() command to the device to see if it’s showing any warnings/errors.

FWIW, my SmartThings weather station is still updating ok. I am using Rboy’s updater but instead of using a zip code I’m using a direct link to my own PWS.

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Were you able to fix this issue? I just ran into this same problem. Everything was updating fine then all of a sudden no updates. I have to go into the App and manually hit refresh and then everything updates. But no more automated refresh. Been using Rboy’s code like everyone else here.