Smartthings Virtual switch

I have been away from Sharptools/Smartthings for quite some time.
A couple of days ago I decided to revive and old project that involves a wall mounted tablet and refreshed dashboards.
To my surprise I forgot how to create new Smartthings Virtual switches (or maybe that feature is no longer supported and I missed the message…)
How can I assign a button on the dashboard to execute a rule (without depending on a Virtual switch)? The one and only Virtual switch that I have is still running ok.
Thank you for any help!

Check this out for creating virtual switches in SmartThings. It works great!

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If you want to execute a SharpTools Rule directly, you can add it to your dashboard under the Rules section in the Add Item popup.

Alternatively, some tile types like Super Tiles support running a rule directly.

Otherwise any of the hyperlink enabled tiles can use the special $.runRule() syntax.

Thank you for your answer Josh,
There is so much to learn and try! I am completely unfamiliar on how to implement Hyperlinks and variables.
Can you point me to tutorials?

For this use-case, you typically wouldn’t use a ‘regular’ hyperlink tile to call the $.runRule() syntax since there are already regular Rule Tiles which can do that for you.

So what I’m referring to is configuring the ‘action’ on a tile to open a hyperlink. Make sure to check out the links I embedded into my original reply above. :wink:

I also put together a video demonstrating how this works…