SmartThings virtual switch not reporting correctly after “if/then”

Okay, I need some help! I am about to pull my hair out.

I have set up a virtual switch and a virtual contact sensor in SmartThings. I am trying to have a bunch of different contact sensors basically report to the virtual switch via a Sharptools rule so I only have to have the virtual tile on my dashboard and can see if a sensor is open. I have done this with lighting groups and it works great. I cannot for the life of me get the contact sensors to report correctly.

When I open a sensor, the both virtual switches illuminates on my dashboard as expected. However, upon closing the sensor, the tile stays illuminated like a sensor is still open. I have changed and tweaked everything I can think of and cannot get it to work. I set up two switches to see if it would make a difference.

I have included a screenshot of the rule I have set up. If anyone has any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate the help!!

Are you testing with the mud room door, because that’s not present in your if-condition?

So the mud room door will activate the rule by closing, but if all others stayed open, nothing will happen.

You can click the 3 dots at the op of your rule and check the logs, maybe that can also give a clue to why the rule isn’t running.

As @Sgt.Flippy_PJ said the mud room door isnt included in your flow if condition.

You may also want to change if ALL to if ANY are open.

I’ve also had better luck adding a second if ALL are closed then turn off vSwitches

Ah!!! Thank you guys. Not sure how I missed that. I obviously overlooked that and then when it wasn’t working, started changing a bunch of things. Now adding that sensor and then going back to my original settings, magically it works. Seriously, thank you so much!! I was going crazy.

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