Smartthings Sonos Playlist Rule Engine Broken

The Rule Engine using Media Tile to play a specific Sonos Playlist (preset) no longer is working. I noticed Samsung updated its Edge Driver for Sonos on 7/18 and it seems that’s probably about the right time frame that tapping Media Tile with Rule Engine to Sonos Playlist/preset stopped working. I looked at the Sonos speaker attributes in SharpTools and all the Playlist/preset IDs are present but greyed out.

I assume this is another Samsung’s culprit. Is there any workaround? This Rule Engine is too important to me. I hope there’s a workaround.

Thanks in advance.

There’s some pretty critical issues with the transition of Sonos to Edge drivers within SmartThings it seems:

@Nezmo, @IslandSoul and others are experiencing issues with their SmartThings↔Sonos integration as well and have been trying to push SmartThings for a resolution.

I just found a workaround myself. (Hopefully, Samsung is not going to break it. Cross my fingers)

This new Sonos Edge driver now includes a new feature: new “Load Favorites Queuing Action" in Driver’s Setting. By default, if you tap on Rule Engine, the desired song list will be “queued” to the end of the queue. I tapped so many times past 10 days, my queue got built up over 8000 songs in Sonos App, which means my desired playlist almost never got played. I just changed “Load Favorites Queuing Action" in Smartthings Driver’s Setting to “Play Now”. Now, it’s playing my Rule Engine Playlist/Preset immediately. Phew! :smile:

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THANK YOU!! In the andriod app, i had to go to:
Sonos amp (in device pane) > 3 dots (top right) > Settings > “Load Favourites” Queuing Action > Play Now

Utterly baffling decision to set the default as they did.

For routines to play at specific times, i had to set “Play a favourite” to a id that is set when you save a song to a favourite in Sonos app. Then go to Smarthings app, go Sonos device, your Sonos favourites will be available in a drop-down “Tap to choose favourite”, i selected one (can be anything) then checked the logs in Smartthings “Samsung account” in desktop browser (click devices > Search Sonos), inspected “mediaPresets” event, all ids for your favourites will be there.

I then entered id’s to routine “Play a favourite” and everything works. Really poor that i had to jump through so many hoops too get this working.

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