Smartthings SHM status not updating

I have added the SHM Arm Home and Disarm tiles to my dashboard and tapping on them they function as expected, however the status of SHM never updates at the lower right of the tile – only says “Disarmed”. Furthermore the Disarmed tile stays in the active state giving the impression the system is actually disarmed even though the system did arm when tapping “Arm Home” by verifying in the Smartthings app. I have already unlinked and relinked my hub. Anybody experiencing similar issues?

Hi @Rich_Mond, welcome to the community. Did you use the SmartThings app or the SmartThings classic app when verifying the SHM status change and SHM tiles actions? Please note that the SHM in SmartThings app (STHM) is a completely different system than the SHM in the classic app. (See the details in (FAQ: SmartThings Mobile App Migration) post.)

SmartThings Classic App SmartThings App
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If you were using the classic app, and verified the classic app’s SHM status changed when you tap different SHM tiles in the dashboard, you may want to check the Live Logging in the SmartThings IDE if the event was posted to SharpTools. See screenshot below for example.


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I am using the Classic App with SHM. I do not have STHM setup. After investigating the logging I do not see any log about Sharptools even when arming and disarming from my Sharptools dashboard. Although there is logging that the SHM status is successfully changing. I think I will abandon the SHM and transition to STHM with virtual switches. Hopefully soon there will be better integration with STHM. Thanks for the info.