Smartthings Security System Panel

I’m attempting to use sharptools as a control panel and need help setting it up. I have very little knowledge in how this tech works. I currently have a couple of multipurpose sensors, a motion detector and siren. I would like to be able to arm away and stay, arm and disarm using a pin, receive sms notifications. I’ve been messing with it a little bit and quickly realized I need help.

@Dustin, welcome to SharpTools. You can go to Dashboard Settings, and set a PIN number.

Then you can add the SHM (Smart Home Monitor) tile under Location Feature to the dashboard.

And modify the SHM (or any) tile Security option to “PIN Protected”, so a PIN input will be prompted every time when this tile is tapped before you can change the SHM’s value.

Thank you for the info. Try not to laugh at my business but I notice you SHM tile says disarmed. How did you get the tile to have functionality?

Sorry I didn’t clarify up front. You might be confused if you are using the “new” SmartThings app. Please note that the SHM in the “classic” SmartThings app is different than the SHM in the “new” app, and the SHM in the new app is not open to any 3rd party yet. Try download the SmartThings classic app, and you’ll notice its SHM changes when you change the SHM status through SharpTools SHM tile. :wink: