SmartThings presence sensor

Ok, I’m embarrassed to be asking this, but I’m hoping for some sympathy. SmartThings finally did it and pulled the trigger on the Groovy smart apps. I’ve been expecting and preparing for this for at least the last year. All is good… Except for my presence sensing in SharpTools.

Thank you for your service Life360…

I’ve got myself, wife, and kids as users in SmarThings using our phones as presence sensors. SmartThings routines can see that, and I can create rules inside SmartThings for us. But I can’t seem to figure out how to create the users as sensors that SharpTools can use.

What am I missing?

Easy! In SmartThings, create a virtual presence for each family member. (I use TAustin’s virtual device creator.) Sharptools can see those.

I did the same. And the great thing about the virtual sensors, you can toggle them on/off manually in SmartThings when needed for testing routines.

I use Taustin’s bridge on a server, with his presence script. It checks if the IP addresses of certain devices are on the home network and the bridge relays that into his LAN presence sensor.

I never gotten the Smartthings presence thingies working. But I do realise my approuch isn’t for everyone. You need an always on PC or raspberry Pi or something and you need to set static IP’s.

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How are you syncing a persons phone to this virtual presence sensor?

I use two routines, one for on and one for off.

IF person at location, THEN
vEdge person Turn on

IF person away from location for x minutes, THEN
vEdge person Turn off

I get that part… how are you syncing or linking the virtual presence sensor to a persons phone? SmartThings stopped reporting presence yesterday.

Basically, how are you getting IF Person? SmartThings is not reporting the presence State on the phones at this point.

I would not make such a global statement. My native SmartThings presence on Android is working just fine today, as it has been consistently over the last several years. I left and came back earlier today and it worked as expected.

If you have been relying upon L360 then that may have been deprecated

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Just got off the phone with Samsung. The issue is global as they are logging thousands of complaints about geo location NOT working. They don’t expect a resolution for at least 48 hours.

ST app location was working for me this morning for 3 departures/arrivals. I would guess most of the complaints are people that were using other 3rd party solutions like Life360 or webcore presence sensors that both stopped functioning yesterday/today.

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That is certainly possible. They are however aware of a large number of Complaints due to the native Geo location not working. They Asked that I Grant them access to 2 weeks worth of data to help them resolve the problem. Perhaps it depends on the location in the country.

So here’s a link to how to use tasker and a presence sensor. Now this was before the shut down of groovy and the sharptools app. This will help you get the Tasker part of the problem at hand setup.

[HOW TO] SmartThings Presence reporting using Tasker/SharpTools/AutoLocation

Next you will need to use the SmartThings API to interact with your presence sensor. Since you can’t make one in the IDE as the write up above states. You will need to use the vEdge drive to make a vEdge presence sensor.

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Finally you will need to use the SmartThings Rest API to toggle you new vEdge presence sensor on/off(present/not present). Here’s a link to a thread about using the API and tasker.
SmartThings Rest API using Tasker

Additional help.
Here’s a thread doing this exact thing.
Tasker used to update Smartthings Virtual Presence sensor


UPDATE: 1 phone is showing correct status, (on phone and in IDE). 2 others still stuck on Present and Not Present from 3 days ago in IDE).

How is the Tasker method different than using a simple routine to update the virtual device? That seems like it’s unnecessarily over engineered?

Well on some devices the the stock presence sensor can be very unreliable, thus is why so many people used life360. Using the tasker method you can use gps/geofences or you can use connection to wifi.

Tasker also allows you to do more things. As an example I can have tasker intercept incoming call, sms or other app notifications and have it flash a light or run a scene.

Another example is if I plug in my phone after or on a set time. Let’s say a defined bedtime tasker could then turn off lights or run a scene for bedtime.

I know the new Samsung phones can have routines that will interact with SmartThings but if you don’t have a Samsung device this would work for you.