SmartThings not syncing with SharpTools

All of my Schlage locks are on SmartThings. Sometime today they ceased reporting correctly on SharpTools dashboards. I have reauthorized the connection but nothing changed. The locks work with Alexa and from the SmartThings app, but they don’t work through SharpTools. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the Groovy shutdown. Any thoughts on what to try next?

@josh Could this be related to the same issue reported in the message Syncing with ST Issue - Oct 14, 22

I am also having trouble with my Schlage Connect lock. But it is even more bizarre. Here’s the test results:

When it is locked, if I open the deadbolt manually, the ST app shows unlocked but Sharptools does not change and shows locked. Similarly when I manually re-lock it, ST is correct, Sharptools still shows locked because it never changed to unlocked. The ST history does not show either the unlocking or the locking.

I can unlock and re-lock it from Sharptools. ST will show unlocked and then locked, as will Sharptools. The ST history shows the 2 changes of state.

If I unlock from ST, both show the proper state, and I can re-lock from Sharptools. The ST history shows both unlock and locking.

If I unlock manually from the deadbolt, ST shows it is unlocked but Sharptools shows locked as I said previously. The ST history does NOT show the unlocking. Of course, now I can’t lock it from Sharptools, but I can from ST. And, the ST history shows the locking. So now I have two lock events back to back, but no register of the manual unlock in between. Of course, I get similar results but in reverse if I unlock using either Sharptools or ST and then manually lock the lock.

And finally, if I enter the code from the outside to unlock, ST shows it is unlocked, but Sharptools stays locked. I checked the current status in the IDE and it shows the door is unlocked. However, the Smart Lock Guest Access service does not show in it’s history that the door was unlocked with a code.

This sounds to me like there is both a ST problem and a Sharptools problem.


PS My other “things” like Leviton light switches all work fine whether activated manually, via ST or Sharptools.

@josh and @Stan_Silverman

And of course, I just got this in an email a couple of minutes ago.

This just may be the one time that a problem isn’t caused by me!

It sounds like it could be related to the SmartThings incident you noted. If you want to send a note to support with the Doc ID of the device in question, I would be happy to take a closer look and see if there are any clues on our side.

If SmartThings isn’t showing the event history, I wonder if there’s some sort of issue where the states are being recorded in SmartThings even though the events aren’t getting passed forward (as SharpTools primarily uses the events in day-to-day operation).

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My dashboards began working correctly about 9:30 AM PDT.

Thanks for your efforts!

I haven’t done anything, so I can’t take credit! Maybe SmartThings is in the process of resolving the incident they posted above? :thinking:

Well - if you won’t take credit for it then I will.


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I just checked, and mine is all working as well. All the manual locking/unlocking now shows in both ST and Sharptools, the history contains all the events, and the Smart Lock service even shows which code number unlocked the door.

What a waste of time for everyone. But thanks for responding!

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