Smartthings motion sensor


does anyone know if its possible to connect a motion sensor to SmartThings App or the web interface?

currently I have these connected tot and echo dot 4, just to control so light automations

I can see by going to the smarrthings web site log in you can view your devices and add devices, but Im not sure if its such a device that needs the SmartThings hub (such as the presence sensor)

I would have liked to have been able to have a tile on my dashboard to show the temp in a particular room using the motion sensor…

any advice?

Is this a Zigbee device @Tom_Smith?
(the Dot 4 is a Zigbee Hub)
I believe you should be able to add it directly - add device by brand and pick the brand type (assuming its there)
At the worst, since it’s in Alexa already, you can use an Alexa-simulated switch in ST and have Alexa link to that - but I think you should be able to find it directly

Hi mate,

yeh its a Samsung branded SmartThings sensor and the 4th gen dot has an Zigbee hub in…

Ill have another play around…

if anyone fancies leaving some step by step instructions would appreciate it haha

Once you have the motion sensor connected to SmartThings, authorize it so it’s exposed to SharpTools. Then add the sensor’s tile to the dashboard. Change the tile to a hero attribute. Go into the settings and change the attribute to temperature.

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Doing some research I don’t believe the ST will link to zigbee devices connected through Echo - you would need an ST (or Aeotec, who have taken over the hardware) Hub for that
This should work however
Create a Simulated Switch in ST (through the ST IDE)
(actually a simulated contact sensor should be fine)
If you already have ST linked in Alexa, Alexa will ‘discover’ that.
Then you need to create automations (routines) in Alexa so that If the Motion sensor is on, it turns on the Virtual Switch; and another for ‘off’.
Then you can create any automations you want in ST or Sharptools to use the Virtual Switch to control your other devices with whatever rules you choose.

OR - get the Shelly one I linked to you previously - that will connect directly with ST with NO hub required

… and I know how much you like Paul Hibbert :joy: -

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I love Paul Hibbert :wink: :upside_down_face:

but yeh you are correct I don’t think the motion sensors or the presence sensor for that matter will connect to Smartthings without the SmartThings Hub…You can connect the sensor directly to the echo G4 and get it to run routines but I don’t think your will be able to get it to appear in Sharptools…the presence sensor connects but doesn’t do anything without the hub…


can I be bothered to set it up haha

You can show the motion state in SharpTools by using the approach described by @Bethel_Lane - syncing the motion status to a ST virtual switch using Alexa Routine. You will simply add this ST virtual/simulated switch into SharpTools and the dashboard. However, I don’t think it would work if you wanted to display the temperature reading from the sensor though. Alexa Routine doesn’t allow you to set the temp reading to a device nor triggering a routine based on temp value changes. :slightly_frowning_face:

@Tom_Smith - PH is a love-him/hate-him kinda guy I would suggest - clever guy, but personally he does my head in! :slight_smile: But obviously I’ve watched him … so what does that say?

Do you have enough info to set up the simulated switches or need a bit more detail on that?

@James - in the My Devices, I wonder if it would work if you created separate Simulated switches: one contact (or motion) sensor for the motion trigger and a separate one for temperature? I’m just not sure if you can transfer the temp from the actual device in Alexa to the Simulated Temp Sensor (and I think you are suggesting you can’t) Easy enough to try I suppose though

Haha I no what you mean mate? are you one of the guys who comments they hate him lol

Ive set up a simulated switch but that was for lights that I could see in SmartThings…

how do I connect the motion sensor?

the only way I can see is by either picking the device from the drop down list ( I cant see a SmartThings motions sensor) or by the Zigbee ID adress and I don’t no how to find that lol

Oh gosh no, would never say anything like that publicly on a guy’s channel (Hate is such a strong word - he’s not quite my cuppa tea but he still has some excellent information)
Even if not in the best of moods today (if you checked the scores … :weary: )

I don’t think you can use the zigbee ID without the Hub

I meant to add this with my post above - created it and then forgot to put it on there!
Contact Sensor or Motion Sensor should be fine just to use as a trigger. As James says, the temp might not be available - but you may not have planned on using that anyway - be interested to see if that will set up in Alexa. (you can use temp to turn on a fan for example)

Haha of yeah forgot you guys got beat today…

I wouldn’t suggest for min you’d troll him just joking…youve always been top draw in our convos…

Ill have a play around and see what I can do…

Then once you create the Simulated sensor in SmartThings
Enable SmartThings Skill in Alexa
Alexa will find the Simulated Sensor
Set up two Alexa Routines
When the Actual Sensor senses motion, then Turn on SImulated Sensor
When the Actual Sensor has no motion, Turn off Simulated Sensor

Then in SharpTools), manage your connections to include the Simulated Sensor and set up your Rules to execute whatever you want off the Simulated Motion e.g. Turn on a specific Light etc

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