SmartThings Mode not updated (if in the flow)

Hi Guys,
I found a strange behavior of SmartThings “Mode” (Home/Away/Night):

  • if the Mode is used as a trigger condition (e.g. do this when mode changes to Away) SharpTools subscribes and get the correct updates on the Mode from ST
  • if the Mode is used as a “IF” condition in the activities (e.g. when I do this, if the mode is Away, do this) SharpTools doesn’t receive the update of the mode from ST.

I got a double confirmation of the wrong behavior:

  1. I checked the log and even if the mode in ST changed, SharpTools always keep the only status received the 1st time, when the rule was created
  2. I created a second dummy additional rule, just set in this illogic way: “if the Mode changed to Away…” and nothing more, without any activity. In this way it seems that SharpTools subscribes for Mode updates for this second rule (because Mode is in the trigger) and then also my original rule started to work (when I do this, if the mode is Away, do this). In this way SharpTools get from the second rule the info about the Mode and it correctly uses it for my main rule.

It seems to be a bug. Isn’t it?

Thank you

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Thanks for sharing! I’ve noted the feedback.

In the meantime, you can either add a Mode tile to a dashboard or setup a rule with a Mode trigger for the event subscription to get setup and the data to stay updated.

I have the same exact issue

The workarounds noted above should get you going: