SmartThings Location Mode Not Being Detected Correctly

I have two rules - rule A that sets the hub’s location to Home when I return, and rule B to check if the location is anything other than Home, to prevent it from triggering rule A again.

Rule A reports that the location was successfully set to Home in the logs, but rule B, when executed a few minutes later, and checks the location mode within a THEN statement, sees the location as something other than Home, therefore carries out the rest of the execution path. It should not, as the location is still set to Home.

Am I handing the location mode wrong?

There’s a known issue with mode event subscriptions not getting setup as expected. You can add a mode tile to a dashboard and that will force the event subscription to get setup which should get your rule working as expected.

Thanks, I’ll do that. Do I need to leave the Mode tile on the dashboard for the subscription to continue working?

You can delete it. Just make sure the mode tile is working as expected and showing the expected mode changes. Once that’s done, you’re free to remove it from the dashboard if you’d like.