SmartThings Home Monitor = STHM

Hi, any plans to have the SmartThings Home Monitor from the new App integrate with Sharptools? I know it’s a Smartthings limitation at this point but is it on thier roadmap?

Hi @Unger_Family - welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

We have been in close contact with SmartThings asking them to add support for STHM via the API, but it’s still not on their roadmap. From what we can tell, there are people within the organization who are supportive of exposing STHM via API, but there’s also much more organizational red tape which is ultimately preventing it.

That being said, you can use Virtual Switches along with the Custom Automation creator in the new Samsung SmartThings app to expose STHM to apps like SharpTools. You can find more details here:

From the FAQ: SmartThings Mobile App Migration thread:

Thanks for your info. I have been using it now via virtual switch but it’s not as stable.

I set a 30 sec delay within It’s not things automation so there is 30 seconds to leave the house until it arms but it’s not stable

@Unger_Family, can you please provide a little more details about what you meant by not stable? Does it eventually arm but not always exactly after 30 seconds or something else?

Yesterday. It got armed without the delay and the alarm went off

@Unger_Family, thanks for the updates. Can you please take a screenshot of your delayed alarm automation and post it here so we can have a better idea about your automation setup? It does sound weird it works for you sometimes but not the other though.:thinking:

@Unger_Family, thanks for the screenshots. It looks the the 30 sec delay is added before turning on the virtual switch when the Mode is changed to Away. So if you change the mode through the dashboard or rule engine rules, it should work as expected (with 30 sec delay before changing STHM to armed away). However, if you turn on the Virtual Switch directly in the dashboard or rule, the STHM will be armed immediately. I am guessing you might have changed the virtual switch directly yesterday, instead of Mode in this scenario?

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The virtual switch is not on the dashboard… so it was set to Mode away on dashboard but it must have been smartthings that didn’t trigger the automation properly… I don’t have proper logging from them to see what happened (or maybe I don’t know where to look…:wink: but I don’t think it was a smart tools issue.

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I juts liked at the logs in Smartthings and I see the commands where delayed… So the system saw a contact open 34 seconds late… While it was within the first 30 seconds…

But you get the point why I think not doing all the work arounds will make it more stable…

But as a CISSP I understand why they don’t want to open it via API…

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