SmartThings Home Monitor status in one tile

Hi SharpTools,

I have a Verisure alarm, which I can see in ST. I have set an automatization in ST, so when I arm the Verisure alarm, it also set STHM to armed.

I have set up a dashboard showing status on all door and window sensors in a tile each. Thereby having a full overview of the home.

I would like to add 1 tile, showing the status of STHM - whether it is disarmed, armed (home), or armed (away). As I can read in other topics, the API for STHM is not available, but perhaps it’s possible to just receive the status?

The optimal solution is to have the tile with 3 different states, so icon/color quickly indicates if it’s disarmed, armed (home), or armed (away).

Is this possible?

Hi @Carsten_Mark_Gates, welcome to the community. This may not be the optimal solution as described, but I sync the STHM status using SmartThings Automation to individual Simulated Switches (Disarmed, Armed Home and Armed Away), and use a rule to store the current STHM status to a SharpTools Text variable. See below where the $STHMStatus is the Text Variable, which stores the trigger device’s name, when either one is changed to on.

Then I display this $STHMStatus variable in the dashboard like this.


Hi @James I have followed your instructions in the description above but it doesn’t seem to be working… Am I maybe not doing something or missing a step I should of completed before this will work perhaps?

I have my 3 simulated switches for STHM Armed Home, Armed Away and Disarmed. I have done the variable as you described above and completed the rule…

Can you please help me out with what I’m doing wrong please …

Are the Simulated Switches reflecting the STHM status properly? In other words, you have automations in the SmartThings app that sync the STHM status to the simulated switches and those are working as expected?

Hi @josh yes I have the automations within smartthings set up and are syncing exactly as they should. It’s just not showing up in the status value on the dashboard for some reason.

Status of STHM

Thanks for the screenshot. Is the tile on the top a Variable tile? Why is it showing the value $STHMStatus?

Maybe you could share a screenshot of your rule?

That i8s what I’m not sure of as to why it is displaying that… yes that top tile is meant to be saying ‘Disarmed’

Just to confirm, have you changed the STHM status since the rule has been setup? The rule is triggered based on one of the simulated switch values changing to ‘on’… so one of those would have need to have changed to ‘on’ after the rule was saved.

yes I have tried switching between all 3 states and waited for it to update each time… but sadly nothing…

Can you clarify what you mean by waiting for it to update? Just trying to make sure we are on the same page as it’s a bit vague as to what has been verified.

The first step would be making sure the Simulated Switches which trigger the rule are changing to ‘on’ as expected. The rule is triggered by the three simulated switches you have defined in your rule Triggers. From your rule screenshot, those switches are:

  • ARM AWAY (Sim Switch)
  • DISARM (Sim Switch)
  • ARM HOME (Sim Switch)

These appear to be named differently from the switches shown in your dashboard screenshot which have the names:

  • STHM Disarm
  • STHM Arm Stay
  • STHM Arm Away

The switches labelled STHM are all working correctly and change the state of the STHM correctly. The ones in the rule are an additional set of simulated switches… this is what I needed to do right?

I have a feeling your going to tell me I don’t need the extra set of sim switches (the ones used in the rule) and should of just used the same 3 STHM switches…

Yeah, if you already have STHM switches that are working as expected, you can just use those. No need to create another set of switches that effectively do the same thing (in fact, it could cause further headaches if you have SmartThings Automations setup interacting with multiple sets of switches trying to do the same thing.) :slight_smile:

I was just about to ask another question…which Ive managed to answer myself lol…

Thanks @josh for all your help, I really appreciate it! :+1:


Its now working perfectly.