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I´ve been moving my things over to the new edge driver system for Smartthings. I am now readding all my things into my sharptools dashboards. I´ve come across numerous things (mainly zigbee ikea lights but also ST plugs) that arent reporting any state, so they show up as off in the dash despite being on. Other units work just fine. Have to turn on and off to make them work for a while. I’ve tried redoing the sync account but no change.

A known issue or something on my end?

So when you are saying the devices don’t report any state, I take it you mean in SmartThings? SharpTools simply pulls the status of a device from SmartThings, so if the status isn’t right there then it won’t be correct on the dashboard.

I don’t why your devices aren’t reporting properly, but the Edge drivers are a in beta. The beta was primarily opened to give early access to developers, although Samsung has allowed end users to use the beta drivers as well. So since the drivers are still in beta, you have to expect bugs.

If the drivers you are using are community-developed, then I would report the issue in the thread that the developer is maintaining for that driver. If the drivers are Samsung’s, I’m not sure what to do about reporting.

No it’s sharptools that, isn’t showing states. It seems that in order to continue showing states, I have to sync it by turning it off and on in sharptools before sharptools can track it.

SmartThings is reporting the state changes accurately

I think @Bry summed it up pretty well.

From the main Edge Driver Beta thread and the linked SmartThings Edge Beta Known Issues list:

It seems to be hit or miss though and I’m not sure SmartThings has commented on why. I’ve seen some people with edge drivers that don’t seem to have issues and others where things don’t work as expected.

We are working with Samsung on their next generation APIs which I hope Edge drivers would work better with, but while Edge drivers remain in beta I think expectation should remain that they are a beta and may continue to have rough edges.


Got it. I wanted to see if more people have issues with edge and if so, if there is a known fix.

HI. I’m using SmartThings with Edge drivers. I realize that Edge is in beta so there will be bugs.
As of this morning, some of my devices using edge drivers have disappeared from Sharptools. They have been replaced on my dashboards with placeholders. All the missing devices are still authorized via the ST app.
Any idea what changed and why things disappeared from dashboards and rules?

@Terri it seems there is an incident at SmartThings since earlier today. This might be related.

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Thanks. I checked before posting and didn’t see any issues. I’ll update if this isn’t resolved after the incident is resolved.

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This jas finally been resolved with the resolution of the incident.


@Terri thanks for the updates and glad to hear that it’s now resolved.