SmartThings Device Names Not Refreshing


I’m new to SharpTools, Premium Account.

We have four SmartThings Locations (under the same SmartThings Account).

I was able to set up and test some various dashboards without a problem.

However, I can’t seem to get SharpTools to refresh or re-synchronize with Changes made within SmartThings. For example, changing a Device Name in SmartThings does NOT change within SharpTools.

I did go to Manage Connections > SmartThings > Select each of the 4 locations 1-at-a-time > Authorize, and it was successful on all 4 locations.

Any ideas ?

Hi John - using the Manage Connections from your SharpTools User Page and reauthorizing the location is the approach I would have suggested as that should force the devices to resync and will pull in the updated names from SmartThings.

Note that you will want to wait for each locations synchronization to complete before moving onto the next location since the system holds a ‘lock’ during the synchronization process to prevent duplicate syncs.

I would also note that there appear to be two separate SharpTools accounts with ‘owner’ permission on a couple of these locations. That in and of itself is not an issue, but it can be indicative of another potential issue. If you use the same SmartThings account to synchronize the same location across two different SharpTools accounts, it can cause conflicts.

It’s best to have a single SharpTools account that your SmartThings location is authorized to and then use the Dashboard Sharing features to share dashboards as needed.

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@josh Thank you very much! Perhaps I was being too impatient :slight_smile: It all seems to be working well now. I’ll take a look at those ‘owner’ permissions and try to get a better handle on them.

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