SmartThings Device Groups (API)

@josh can we get access to the device groups in sharptools? I know you know how the API works, but I thought I would include all the calls needed.

Get Device Groups

Get Device Group info{{deviceGroupId}}

Get Device Group Status{{deviceGroupId}}/status

Device Group On/Off{{deviceGroupId}}/commands

Body {{command}} = on or off

{ "commands": [ { "component": "main", "capability": "switch", "command": "{{command}}", "arguments": [] } ] }

While we’ve played with these endpoints ourselves, until these endpoints get official blessing from SmartThings and get formally documented, it’s not something we would likely formally implement.

That being said, you can absolutely use these endpoints along with a Personal Access Token within rules using HTTP Actions.

And for anyone with the requisite developer skills (HTML + JS), you could create a Custom Tile to use these endpoints as well.

I would also add that with the introduction of Multi-Device Actions, many people have found that those are as fast as (or faster than) device groups and provide even more flexibility for control.