Smartthings Button as profile trigger in Tasker

Hi all, first post here. I’ve been using Smartthings for a while and just recently picked up the ST Button (

I’d like to use the button to play and pause my Chromecast. In Tasker I have Autocast setup and that task works fine and dandy, but I can’t for the life of me set up the button as a profile trigger. I’m subscribed to it in the sharptools app, but I can’t figure out what to write in the “Thing” and “Attribute” sections. I feel like such an idiot cause I’m sure its pretty simple. I’d like to use the “HELD” state of the button as the trigger. Thanks in advance

Thanks for the message! The Thing State event plugin is one of the more advanced features of the SharpTools Tasker plugins and it can be a bit confusing the first time you use it! Check out the Thing State help article as it has some helpful tips as well as a video walking through how to set things up:

  • For the Thing field, enter the name or partial name of the Thing.
  • For the Attribute field enter the name of the attribute (probably button in your case)

Alternatively, you can leave either field blank and it will act like a wildcard, matching anything for that particular field.

If you only want your profile to trigger when the attribute is a certain value (eg. held in your scenario), you can use conditional logic in Tasker as noted in this article:

Eg. IF %st_attribute_value ~ held