Smartthings Authorization

Good Morning All! Anyone else having to constantly re-authorize Smartthings? Sometimes it’s once per day, sometimes it’s a couple. The I have some rules that update virtual devices such as thermostats that never run since it loses authorization. Is there a fix or is this a ST issue that needs to be resolved?

No, that’s not common.

The only time I’ve seen it is when two separate SharpTools accounts both used the same Samsung credentials to authorize a location. In that case, each of the accounts are competing to use the authorization refresh token and only one of them can win.

Hmm, that could very well be the issue, however, we have had this setup for well over a year now and just started running into this issue in the last couple of days.

Could you have one SharpTools account ‘own’ the location and share location-specific dashboards to the other account as a guest?

From what I recall, it’s a limitation of the SmartThings REST API as the ‘app’ is authorized / installed at the Location level, so if there’s a second authorization on that same SmartThings Location, the SmartThings API overwrites the old authorization.

That being said, I’ve found that it sometimes works even though it’s not officially supported and I’m not quite sure why that is. For example, I just authorized my SmartThings account to a secondary SharpTools account and things immediately stopped working on my primary account. Then I reauthorized my primary account and things kept working on both… but who knows for how long.

Anyway, it looks like the secondary account that currently has your shared location authorized currently has an invalid refresh token, but you could ask them to try reauthorizing and see if it sticks this time. You risk it eventually becoming an issue again though and that’s where using a single SharpTools account and using the sharing features would resolve this.

Same. I had a few items not working and once I re-authorized Smartthings it begin working correctly. This was the first time I had to do that since joining.

Is there a way to transfer a dashboard from one account to another? For instance, if we made one account the master and just shared dashboards, is there a way to send the dashboard to the other account instead of having to recreate it?


Thanks! I already have the dashboard shared between accounts, so that isn’t an issue. I am looking at combining two accounts and was hoping I could copy the dashboards from one account to the other without having to recreate them from scratch.