SmartThings 10/5/2021 Incident

Is there something wrong with SharpTool’s integration with SmartThings and Tasker? None of my routines that run with SharpTools are working. I also pulled up SharpTools and tried to control some lights and nothing happened and I was getting some errors. When I tried to log into my Samsung account thru SharpTools, I got an error (see screenshot). What can I do about this? Thanks.

I’m not seeing any issues at the moment, but @James noted that he was seeing some slowness. If you saw that when trying to reauthorize, SmartThings could be having platform issues.

@josh & @RichB Looks like SmartThings cloud is having some performance issue now.

I figured the SmartThings status page might have been slow to get updated. I checked before I posted and it was all green - looks like they posted the incident moments after my reply! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. I thought it might be SmartThings.