Smartthingns future

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Random q…

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the future of smartthings software with aotech handling the hardware…

A few tech YouTubers out there thing Samsung may start asking for monthly subscriptions to keep using the software…how would you guys see that effecting SharpTools??

Just for thoughts…

I think its just speculation at this point. Seems like smartthings is focused on shedding software costs, licensing hardware, and getting value through big samsung products like appliances.

If you are using SmartTools with SmartThings, probably a pretty good chance you could move to SmartTools with Hubitat and avoid this question.

Tbf to was wondering that…

Never used hubitat…anyone any advice about what it’s like etc…

Hubitat has a lot in common with SmartThings of the past. The mobile applications are not as advanced (hence the need for SmartTools), but the open source development folks are pretty much everyone that once did development for SmartThings.

The one thing that Hubitat is much better is local automation. It is lighting fast and really (for me) has been extremely reliable.

Take a read on the forum.

I backed up of the old st kickstarter and ended migrated to hubitat also, almost a year now. If you use the old GE/Jasco switches, just be aware that they don’t report status to the HE hub, you’ll have to poll them. You’ll find more details on their site. Also, if you have a lot of z-wave, read up on some of the issues some people have been experiencing. I had some run ins with failed pairings myself but nothing like others’ experiences.

I was using SmartThings and moved to Hubitat after reading a lot of reviews. The two most common issues I’ve faced:

1 - Older Z Wave (non plus) devices not sending status in real time and needing to be polled. A rule to refresh every x minutes can be set up but I’ve gradually switched devices to Z Wave Plus. I didn’t have that issue when using the same device in SmartThings as the community driver (I believe) had additional code in it that sent that information in real time.

2 - Devices that don’t support S2 security are automatically included with S0 security if they have it which causes issues as apparently it’s “chatty” and generates a lot of traffic. This is (apparently) not specifically an issue with the Hubitat Hub but with all 700 series hubs as it’s enforced by the Silicon Labs firmware. The relatively easy fix is to use a Aeotec or similar Z Wave stick, include it as a secondary controller, and then use that to include new devices without security.

Updates and improvements are regular with Hubitat and both support and teh community are very helpful.