Smart Switch Control by Virtual Fan?

I have an exhaust fan controlled by a Z-Wave Smart Switch. I’d like to take advantage of the fan automation in a Virtual Fan by controlling the Smart Switch by the Virtual Fan. This would require that the Virtual Fan alternate between Off and On when pressed, as the physical fan has only those two states.

I don’t see a way to accomplish this now, but would be nice!

Thanks for posting, Stan! I might be missing a detail, but why use a Virtual Fan rather than a Virtual Switch?

Virtual Fans natively only support numeric fan speeds (eg. 0=off, 1, 2, 3…). For Virtual Fans that implement the Switch capability, you can change the tile to use the Switch layout. That will send the on/off commands to the device… and from there it depends on how the Virtual Fan maps that command. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Josh - is there a way to get the fan animation on a Virtual Switch? I can change the icon to a fan, but the blades are stationary.

Ah, I think I understand what you’re trying you do now. The goal is to be able to toggle the device on/off from your dashboard and you want a spin animation when it’s turned on?

We have a request in to provide an option for which fan speeds are cycled or displayed in the picker. I’ve added the comments from this thread to that item. :slight_smile:


josh - I have a Bond for fan control. I use a virtual switch from Smartthings to turn it off and on through Alexa. Bond does not interface with Smartthings. Do you have animated icons for fans that are in this configuration?

Hi @Steve_Snead, welcome to SharpTools community. You can integrate Bond fan control with SmartThings directly in the new SmartThings app by tapping “+” in the main page in the app ->select device → by brand → and find Bond Home. So you can take advantage of the Fan Control capability implemented.

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James - Thanks for getting back so quickly. I tried what you suggested but I don’t see my 5 fans? I just get a spinning circle. Last time i did this I let it go all night and nothing happened. So I don’t think Bond has it working as of yet. Maybe I doing some wrong. That would be great to have that working for sure.

Have you tried reaching out to Bond support? They’re usually pretty helpful! They’ve even gone so far as tweaking the SmartThings integration to make it better compatible with our fan tile.

josh - Thanks I will give that a whirl. Let you know what I find out.

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