Smart Plugs and wattage monitoring

Is it possible to monitor a “smart” plug for the wattage? For example, i use the SmartThings plugs that have a long list of monitoring capabilities, including live wattage. I would like to see the wattage as a secondary (or primary) value on the tile, and be able to set tile colors and alerts based on given thresholds. For example, “if wattage > 300, turn tile red and send an SMS.” Zooz also makes some, and I am sure that there are other brands of these monitoring plugs.

You can change the tile to use hero layout to show wattage as secondary attribute and create a rule to send a notification when the wattage is greater than 300. Changing tile color is this scenario is not currently supported, but I’ve noted your request and use case.

Meanwhile, be careful with sending SMS based on events that may get triggered frequently such as motion or wattage, because the carrier’s spam filter may block it and message to your number won’t be delivered for a period of time. (Wattage reading can report a few times a minute, and sending the same SMS message several times in a very short period may not be considered as normal by carrier’s spam filter. :frowning:)

Side note… SHarpTools should be smart enough to filter repeat notifications. For example, if I have an alert on the temp of my freezer, I do not need 30+ messages telling me it’s over the threshold. That is completely counterproductive. ST should know “Hey I just sent the message and the temp is STILL (not AGAIN) over the threshold.” an active condition should not re-trigger alerts. If the temp went back to nromal, then moved over the threshold again, well that’s a new occurence. As it stands today, I had to disable the alert because it sent me 30+ messages in an hour about the same problem. No bueno!